TEV Study (Techno Economic Viability)

TEV study of a project encompasses the evaluation of the technical and financial information, with relevant data about its technological feasibility and economic viability, based on standard criteria to consider and recommend a project / proposal for selection, modification or rejection.

Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) Study evaluation is to assist lenders to take a view on the acceptability of a project by taking into account an analysis of technological risk, market risk, regulatory risk, financial risk, etc.

Technical feasibility

  • Checking the availability of applicable approvals. licences and permits for the project
  • Assessment of the available land in use for the project.
  • Assessment of the technology / process
  • Assessment of the Plant, Machinery, Equipment, Auxiliaries
  • Assessment of suitability and availability of infrastructure available for the activity of the company.
  • Assessing the Availability of skilled manpower
  • Assessment of existing capacity

 Market potential

  • Assessment of Present and Future Market scenario.
  • Assessment of Marketing infrastructure available
  • The demand supply analysis
  • Assessment of Competition in field


Financial Viability

  • Assessment of future cash flows and profitability of the project.
  • Financial viability of the unit based on the financial projections, profitability (income and costs), cash flow, IRR, DSCR, DP, MPBF etc.
  • Examining sensitivity of the cash flows of the project to changes in parameters

 Management Capabilities

Assessment of Management capabilities in terms of capital / Equity and Management

 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis to identify the key internal and external factors that may affect / are important for the success of the project.

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