Cash Flow & Project Monitoring

For Businesses, be it going concerns or new projects, management of cash flows is critical for achieving business growth and / or for project completion.  Cash flow Monitoring aims to study the movement of cash flows to check if it is in line with the Business Plans envisaged and provide useful and timely indications and inputs to Lenders and Management on the adequacy, efficiency and issues, if any of the cash flows. Cash flow Monitoring generally involves all or some of the following: 

  1. Validation of cash flow forecast
  2. Comparison of forecast vs actual and analysis of deviations
  3. Analysis of Sources and Uses and gaps
  4. Assessment of adequacy of cash flows to meet the Project expenditure
  5. Review of payment status of Vendors versus payment terms
  6. Review of Statutory financial obligations
  7. Review of Debtors versus terms
  8. Review of optimization of holdings of assets
  9. Analysis of losses  
  10. Review of Bank dues and servicing
Our services will be to assist in the monitoring of cash flows by verifying the accounts of Borrowers and scrutinizing the details of receipts and payments with the stated purposes and business plans submitted by the Borrower to the Bank. The scope generally includes vetting of cash flow forecasts, monitoring of sources and uses, examining the progress of the business plans, to spot gaps and deviations.