Lender's Independent Engineer's (LIE)

Report refers to the technical due diligence report prepared by an Independent Engineer, also known as the Lender's Engineer and typically selected by the lender. Independent Engineer reviews the technical inputs (i.e. output, efficiency, O&M expenses, availability, etc.) to the financial model used by the lender and the developer/owner to justify the financing of the project. The scope of the study will generally include:

Review/ Vetting of the cost of the Project and comment on its reasonableness.

Vetting of contracts for various works awarded by the Company including liquidated damages and performance guarantees therein.

Review the necessary approvals for the construction, adequacy of clearances and any consent, license, approval, registration, permit or other authorization of any nature required to be obtained from any statutory or regulatory authority or any third party for the construction, operation and maintenance of the project.

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